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 *On July 9, 1936 Billy Halop and his mother Lucille were suppose to have sailed the S.S. Veragua from New York, NY - Below you will find the passenger list showing the possible Halop presence on the trip...

(Source: Archives)

*Here you will find paperwork concerning the Divorce Preliminary Records of Billy Halop from both Hazel Tedrick

 & Suzanne Roe (Listed as Halop).

(Source: Archives)

*Billy Halop WW2 Enlistment Records From 1938-1946-

Name: Billy Halop

Birth Year: 1920

Race: White, citizen (White)

Nativity State or Country: New York

State: New York

County or City: New York


Enlistment Date: 31 Aug 1942

Enlistment State: New York

Enlistment City: New York City

Branch: Signal Corps

Branch Code: Signal Corps

Grade: Private

Grade Code: Private

Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law

Component: Army of the United States - includes the following: Voluntary enlistments effective December 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year enlistments of National Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service.

Source: Civil Life


Education: 4 years of high school

Civil Occupation: Actor (Motion picture actor. ) or Director, Motion Picture (Motion picture director.) or Entertainer

Marital Status: Single, without dependents

(Source: Ancestry Archives)


*Copy of Billy Halop's death certificate, sensitive items have been blocked out.


*Photos of Billy Halop's resting place as well as a map of the cemetery where he eternally resides. You can leave virtual flowers and kind word on Billy's "Find-A-Grave" site.

MtSinaiMap MtSinaiMap

* In 1948 Billy wrote a song entitled "My Heart's Aflame" with music by Bob Cagle - I own the sheet music but it is in fact rare to find and given to me on the basis that it be kept for my own personal use and not displayed nor shared.

*Crime School Contract To Play In The Gem Theatre

*Halop looking caricature signed by artist “Leo Cotton”

*Memo from Warner Brother Studios comically explaining the relationship between the Dead End Kids & Ann Sheridan.


*During the late 50s or early 60s Halop joined Gorcey,

Jordan, Hall and Punsly on the television show

"About Face", hosted by Ben Alexander.

*Billy was said to have had a particular and reciprocal dislike for Leo Gorcey.

*Billy's Lifetime Residency*

1936- Confirmed

179-36 Grand Central Parkway

Jamaica, Long Island NY


5846 Carlton Way, California

With mother, Lucille Halop

1964 - 1967

1611 Sunset Plaza Drive, California

Built in 1927

With Parents, sister Florence, brother Joel and a Servant

Late 60's

521 Swarthmore Avenue - Pacific Palisades

With wife, Suzanne Roe. Post marriage speculated that Billy moved to a trailer court in Malibu.

Early 70's - Confirmed

1800 Woodman Avenue - APT. 91, Panorama City, CA

With Mother, Lucille Halop

Late 70s - Death - Confirmed

11402 Burnham - West Hollywood

Built in 1949

Halop was living here with a friend. He died here in his bedroom

on November 9, 1976.


*Florence Halop

January 23, 1923 - July 15,1986

The Halop family is full of talent, Florence Halop is the talented sister of Billy Halop and has had quite the impressive career of her own:

From a show business family, raspy-voiced comedienne Florence Halop played a bit in Junior G-Men (1940), a Universal serial starring her more famous brother Billy Halop and The Little Tough Guys. She also appeared in Nancy Drew...Reporter (1939) but spent the remainder of the 1940s in radio. A popular and extremely busy television actress, Halop went on to guest star in everything from I Love Lucy to St. Elsewhere but scored her biggest success as the sharp-tongued bailiff in the hit comedy series Night Court. Florence replaced another former radio actress, Selma Diamond, who died of throat cancer after only one season; tragically, the same exact fate befell Halop, who, in turn, was replaced by standup comedienne Marsha Warfield.

 ~ Hans J. Wollstein, All Movie Guide