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Billy Halop Online was establish in 2002, the site originally started out as a small dedication site to the six original "Dead End" Kids and has successfully evolved over the years into Billy Halop Online seeing over 50 visitors a day from many countries.  We are not affiliated with the Halop family but hope that this site is an accurate and respectful dedication to Billy Halop and his memory.

-Shell Harris, Site Owner

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the many contributors that have assisted me over the years with Billy Halop Online. Your time is always greatly appreciated!!

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Disclaimer: This site is intended as a fan site to actor Billy Halop, this site is not affiliated with relatives, friends or enemy's of Billy Halop.  Pictures & information on my site have been obtained through research via the net and public library's, some photos & information are those that I have purchased privately or have been given to personally by collectors, some belong to others with permission to display and basic Internet finds with no knowledge of owner, no infringement is intended. All credit is noted as such.

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